1. As announced on Discord, the server has been replaced by a new form of communication directly on the site for greater ease. All project announcements will now be posted here.

2. Originally scheduled for June 2022, the Female collection "Dragonitas" has been postponed because of the Bear Market. 
The beginning of the crypto/NFT market crisis (Bear Market) made us think it would be better to wait for a market rebound instead of launching in June, as it would have been a sure failure. 
Unfortunately, the Bear Market is lasting much longer than we expected, so we have decided to launch the Females but only for Clash of DRAGONZ Holders.
Holders will be able to claim their Female in Q1 of 2023. Date to be announced very soon.
We will wait for the market to rebound before relaunching a Female sale for non-holders in order to raise the necessary funds for the next steps.

3. Since January 21st, 2023, all Clash of Dragonz ecosystem holders can benefit from free access to the @SonartTools platform.
@SonartTools is a cutting-edge and innovative NFT analysis tool! It allows you to make money by flipping NFTs while having all the necessary market information and setting up real-time alerts. Additionally, a Messenger Wallet is also available on the platform. Head over to our homepage to access the platform now!

Subscription value: $50/month

NFT value: 0.15 Eth

Congrats Clash of Dragonz Fam!